Boudoir Gifts and a Style Diversion

November 23, 2013 § 1 Comment






I’m in an instant love affair with these newly acquired boudoir darlins, gifted to me for my birthday by a lovely friend. I’d been looking for the perfect antique celluloid hair brush, and this beauty takes the cake. The little white hankies are 1920′s with lovely interesting lace and the shoe horn has the most amazing personalized design, I will think of ‘Renie’ every time I slip on my heels.

In growing my bob out I have no idea what I’m doing with my hair at the moment (it’s in the midst of it’s awkward in-between stage) but this side part, wavey thing I’ve been doing is kind of working for me, and also made me want to lay the gold jewelry on heavy and go for a real 1980′s-Caxton St-Mum vibe. The whole look just made me want to drink mimosas and listen to this song. Those from Brisbane will catch my drift.

Any hair suggestions to ease these growing pains would be much appreciated!


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  • I decided to grow my bob out as my Britt Ekland/Marianne Faithfull-obsession falred up again and I decided it’s time to try the hair I never really perfected when I was 18.

    But then I reached the awkward in-between stage and grabbed some scissors and ended up with a pageboy. I look like a medieval tween.
    But I’ll make it work.

    So if you’re half as impulsive as me I suggest you should either change it back to the way it was, or keep busy to avoid getting fancy ideas.

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