Let’s Do It A Dada

February 21, 2013 § 4 Comments



Ohhh man, I’ve had the busiest week! So much to share, so much happening, I feel like I need a good cuppa and a nap from life. So many friends and family have been visiting from Brisbane over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working basically every day and have had so many social commitments that this nanna ain’t used to (I seem to have thrown my partying ways to the wind as of late).

The absolute highlight though has to be scoring a last minute ticket to All Tomorrow’s Parties on the weekend. I put off buying a ticket ages ago as it was pretty $$$, and didn’t organise time off work so I was resolved to the thought of dying in the shop whilst everyone I knew was seeing my favourite bands. In a nutshell, after some facebook and gumtree detective work I managed to nab myself a ticket to the Sunday, and had the raddest time. I’m so bummed I missed Swans on the Saturday (like, so bummed let’s never mention it again), but I did get to see Pere Ubu (who performed The Modern Dance in full), Beasts of Bourbon (my guilty pleasure) and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten (enouuuuuugh said). A total all-time of mine and Jesse’s, Blixa Bargeld was just too damn sexy we needed a double dose and ended up going to their side show on the Tuesday at The Palace.

To be perfectly blunt it was just fucking PHENOMENAL, no words can describe etc. Although I do have to say that the show at The Palace was the worst, ruddest and messed up crowd I’ve ever seen at any gig in my entire life- it was like being in a sports bar. No-one would shutup! It confuses me that at ATP the crowd, that was so much bigger, was so respectful you could hear a pin drop. Anyway, not to rant but by godddddd it got up my goat.

I decided to dress accordingly and gothed it up slightly more than usual. I wore…

1930’s black velvet opera coat – Lended to me by my babe friend Audrey

Dress (worn underneath) and hosiery – Alannah Hill

Art Deco velvet and rhinestone belt – Ebay

1940’s black suede pumps – Clara Fox

1940’s black velvet beret (that I can’t get enough of lately) – Ebay

I brought my camera with me to the sideshow (I decided to leave it at home on the weekend, cameras and festivals don’t mix), but unfortunately my battery died just before the came on stage! But here is a photo from fasterlouder.com from Sunday’s show at ATP. Nothing does it justice though, Blixa Bargeld just gets sexier and sexier with age, like a fine wine.

I’ll leave you with their song, The Garden. One of the hits, they opened with it at ATP and it was just so amazingly beautiful and perfect I could have cried, I tell ya.

Hier ist auf das Wochenende, Liebhaber!


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