Wild animals, a Little Lon house and The Moon

January 29, 2013 § 6 Comments




Yesterday, on the Australia Day public holiday (which I prefer to call Invasion Day), Jesse and I made the most of a rare one day off together and headed to the Melbourne Museum – something we realised we had never done together. The only reasons for going to the museum are to sit on the moon, see the dinosaurs, visit the recreation of the 19th Century weatherboard house in Little Lon and see the room of wild animals.

My favourite of-course is obviously the token visit to the moon. The Moon is the original famous Moon Seat of Luna Park dating back to 1912 when the theme park first opened in St Kilda, and I love the idea of being able to recreate the myriad of dreamy Moon postcards of the early 1900’s. Unfortunately an ugly vinyl seat has been added now, but the heart & soul is still there!

I wore…

Late 1910’s dress – Ebay

1930’s Straw hat with flowers – Fabulous 40’s & 50’s

Mary-jane shoes – thrifted in Richmond

Shoe clips – Paddinton Antique Centre, Brisbane

Art Deco belt – Ebay

Little Lon House

Little Lon House

Jesse in the Little Lon House

Jesse in the Little Lon House


Little Lon was an inner city block in Melbourne in the mid – late 19th Century and was basically the slum and red light district of Melbourne, the place of poverty, drugs and prostitution. The area was characterised by a series of laneways, with small properties packed together creating crowded and unsanitary conditions. Melbourne Museum has a recreation of two weatherboard houses that are actually my dream homes! They are great true representations, down to the extremely dimly lit rooms (it was hard to take many nicely lit photos), peeling wallpaper and antique treasures displayed on the mantlepiece.

The room that makes me want to go straight home and tuck myself up in bed with a David Attenborough marathon is the Amazing Animals room, with over 750 wild animals from all over the world I always find a new favourite friend when I visit (for Jesse today – the Red Panda).






Hope everyone’s week is going swimmingly!


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