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January 18, 2013 § 18 Comments

My girl, Revee

My girl, Revee

My best and oldest friend Revee is staying with me this week and I couldn’t be happier! This girl has been the centre of my universe since we met on our first day of uni when we were 17. She is the most inspiring, beautiful and weirdest babe in the world and am so glad that despite our distance since I moved to Melbourne, we’re still soul sisters.

I thought I’d share some photos of us over the years. I also hope that these photos help some people understand that, in light of recent accusations, my style did not all of a sudden begin when my blog did. I’ve only had my blog since May of 2012, not even a year, and so obviously there is a lot more to me than what you’ve seen in the past 9 months. To those who know what I’m talking about, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, very self-indulgent and extremely presumptuous. I don’t feel the need to justify myself any further, nor comment.

Jauary 2010

Jauary 2010, Melbourne


January 2010, Melbourne

Brisbane, 2009

Brisbane, 2009

When we were ~famous~ Brisbane, 2009

When we were ~famous~
Brisbane, 2009


When we were babies, 2008

When we were babies, 2008

March 2010, Melbourne

March 2010, Melbourne


a portrait Revee painted of me in 2009

a portrait Revee painted of me in 2011

Revee modelling my designs, from my portfolio in 2009

Revee modelling my designs, from my portfolio in 2009

Revee modelling my designs, from my portfolio in 2009

Revee modelling my designs, from my portfolio in 2009

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Anyway, I’m off to paint the town red with my real muse in life.


Last night's drunken haze/grope

Last night’s drunken haze/grope






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§ 18 Responses to The Cat’s Meow

  • You cuties! You with long hair = karen o babeness! I love your 20’s bob though.

  • Gabi I definitely do not think you need to justify yourself! I have choosen not to comment on the post you are reffering too because I think it’s best I keep my opinions to myself, I also think it’s all so unecessary!
    One thing I will say is that from what I can see you are a very stylish and creative lady. The main reason I started my blog was to share the things I love with like minded individuals. I have met ( in person and virtually) some of the most amazing and inspiring ladies, yourself included. The lovely thing about it all is that we ARE all inspired by simular things. This is not a bad thing and I think it’s sad if people can’t view it in the same way. Have an amazing time with Revee. xxx

    • dramaofexile says:

      Thankyou darlin. I agree 100%. I think there is so much more to gain from other people and it’s sad to see someone alienate themselves from that through self-indulgent behavior. Really dissapointing.

      • Harriett says:

        If you are both referring to my recent post on Bright Young Twins you will notice it was commenters who insinuated that D.O.E was involved. Never once did either myself or Aimee publicly agree with our readers accusations so I feel any defensiveness on your part towards me is a tad unjustified.


      • dramaofexile says:

        If that is so Harriet, I would have appreciated it if you would have addressed your readers and not let it get to the point that I am receiving emails from strangers directing me to your post. I’m sorry but when my name is being tarnished I cannot turn a blind eye. Maybe you should answer your readers.

  • Emalina says:

    I agree with Kelly-Marie, you have zero reason to justify yourself. You have a unique style, which like so many of us you’ve honed for years before starting a blog, Indeed some of us were wearing edwardian nightgowns when the petty cat you allude to was still wearing nappies. Don’t let her insecurities affect you. Successful creative people are those who have the confidence to be welcoming and generous, to spark ideas off and collaborate with eachother; defensiveness and competitiveness are the death knoll of creativity.

  • Hannah says:

    I have no idea what you are referring to but you are one beautiful lady, as soon as I found your blog I was so giddy to see more ladies like yourself inspire me. My style has changed so much over the years, but I have always been an oddly dressed girl be it through my metal phase, corset phase or now, who gives a toss as long as your happy and your readers love your style which I do so poo to them xxx

    • dramaofexile says:

      Girl I felt the same when I stumbled across yours! My impression of the blogosphere in my relatively short time here has been supportive and loving, it’s a shame that someone could change that. Thankyou for being one of the supportive ones xx

  • Helga says:

    You two are just the sort of lovely tarts I would have been falling all over myself to be friends with when I was a youngun! I would now, only I wouldn’t be able to keep up!
    Indeed, there is no need to justify yourself, (nice 2009 bike pic incidentally) as an 80’s Goth I’ve been there, done that stylewise myself.
    Ugh, I hate waving the “when I was your age” banner, but there it is.

  • Robyn Quinn says:

    Firstly let my start by saying great images and I really enjoy reading your blog.
    I am however, new to your blog and therefore don’t know the context of your comments but really does it matter when you created your “style”? ( who really cares if it was last week or 10 years ago? ) I certainly would never judge you by such criteria.
    I say live and let live – do what makes you happy and forget about the minority who for what ever reason feel they must pass negative comments onto others. Reading what others have written I know I am simply reiterating their comments ,but I am sure they will all help to ease any anguish a single negative comment can cause.

    • dramaofexile says:

      Thanks Robyn. I could explain the context further but there really is no need. There isn’t a reason why I need to explain ‘when’ my style began, but given the situation I needed to say something, even if indirectly, as I don’t want to be perceived as though I have my tail between my legs. Thanks so much for following and for your input xx

  • jandag says:

    these are SO CUTE!! i love best friend photos <3
    also want to say that the best thing about 'style' is you can change it whenever you want, whatever day you want, based on whatever ideas are swirling around in the top of your mind at a given time. who the f cares when you started dressing a certain way or wearing your hair a certain way? people who are that insecure that they need to be say "i did it first and you're a phony" are sad and need interests and inspirations of their own so they can realize that clinging desperately to the look they adopted 10 yrs ago and exist to protect doesnt make them cool

  • Ben says:

    What seemed to be lost is that there is a lot of people who love old photos, read old books and watch old movies for inspiration, and there always has been. Teddy Boys wore Edwardian styling in the 50s. Vidal Sassoon was creating modernised 1920s stylings in the 60s. In the 70s there was both nods back to the 30s/40s and also Victoriana/Edwardiana. In the late 70s and 80s there were Mod and Teddy Boy (an 80s take on a 50s look which was a take on an Edwardian look – wow!) revivals, and in all these instances they developed the looks into something different and more modern rather than just copying old looks, as you and other bloggers do these days. Interestingly Marie Antoinette was even fond of dressing like a Milk Maid from decades before, even she was into vingtage!

    Having influences should be completely ok and having bloggers who are heavily into early 20th century fashion/art/movies/books/music can maybe can help someone who hasn’t been exposed to this fall in love with it all. This is a wonderful thing and shouldn’t be criticised by said blogger.

    Anyway, this seems to have come more across as a rant at them rather than a supportive message for you, which I didn’t intend it to be at the start, so…. just wanted to say I love your blog and to ignore certain other bloggers and their posts.

  • lurvelady87 says:

    I am a quiet avid follower of you(r blog) and admire your style a helluva lot. I read some of the nasty comments directed at your website and it made me feel extremely angry. You are not a show off and you have a beautiful, mysterious edge I have not come across on any other blog. I used to dress the way I wanted alot more when I wasn’t living in London but I come across so many self-righteous eejits here I stopped and a part of me died!
    You are a very beautiful lady and other girls should support their sisters and not poke a finger at a woman who is being strong and sharing her inspirations with us.
    I don’t want to go much further here because it was not my intention to quarrel! I just wanted to say, don’t let those comments put you off, continue being a star for ladies out there like me! yay xx

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