What’s In My Bag

January 7, 2013 § 3 Comments


I need a new bag. I’m one of those girls who just never got into bags, I have the one and I use it everyday, every occasion until it falls apart. I’m the most impractical person you’ll ever meet, in every aspect of my life, except when it comes to my handbag. I want a no fuss, hold everything, goes with everything, timeless, inconspicuous carry companion.

As I was searching online for a new bag today, I got to thinking what I carry in it. So I’ve decided to do one of those typical ‘What’s In My Bag’ posts. Pardon my lack of originality.

Lately I’m all about bare necessities, which I guess to some are excessive indulgences but anyhow…the contents of my bag at the moment are as follows


-tooth comb

-iphone (duh)

-lipstick (I always seem to carry at least 3 – 5 with me at any given time)

-vintage compact mirror that Jesse gave me

-perfume (currently obsessed with YSL Cinema)

-face powder (Besame)

-yearly diary (I got this years from a bookshop down the street from my house, it’s so lovely!)

-Aesop hand cream (I used to work for Aesop and use it like I still do, it’s a $$$ habit)

-eyelash curler

-wallet (currently using a tapestry pouch that Charlotte gave me one day that had something unmentionable in it, and I seem to have stolen it and made use of it since my old wallet fell apart)


– Hip flask (for the broke times)


– Cigarettes (I know it’s a dirty habit but at least I do it in style with a tin)

-Matches (again, in styyyyyle)

– Flowers, or some type of hair accessory/scarf (sometimes I get annoyed at things I decided to stick on my head during the day and they get thrown in the bag only to be re-found at that perfect moment when I wish I had something to stick behind my ear)

– The bag itself, poor old little leather 50’s style darling. She’s been good to me but it’s time to move on to a more ‘together’ bag.


Do you have any recommendations for handbag shopping? Online of offline, I need help!


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§ 3 Responses to What’s In My Bag

  • Nancy says:

    What’s in the bag is always an interesting post :) I carry a hip flask too, ahah, very useful sometimes!xx

  • Those glasses are great! & I love that you carry a flask.

    I’m not really a bag person either. I typically find mine when visiting thrift shops or perusing Etsy.

  • Jacinta M says:

    Im the same! My handle broke on the 1 handbag I use daily…I glued it but I fear it needs replacing. I only have 2 others but they are tiny and for special occasions. I’ve been looking on ebay and keeping an eye out in thrift stores. I found a couple I liked in Lost & Found, but they were way overpriced! Let me know if you come across some reasonably priced ones. xx

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