Bringing In The New Year With Gloria

January 4, 2013 § 5 Comments


Helloooooo 2013! I hope everyone had a magical New Years! I’m feeling particularly positive about the fresh start this year brings, and have many schemes and dreams up my sleeve that I am determined to make happen.

The beginning of the year has started off super hot, gone are the cardigan days! Upon waking to 40 degree heat today, my boss let me know that she had decided not to open because of it. Ahhh lazy retail! So in my impromptu (much welcomed) day off, I decided to whip out the new love of my life, my Gloria Swanson 1950’s dress.





     This darling was a gift from my amazing mama for Christmas, and is a genuine Gloria Swanson design! I almost died – anyone who knows me knows how much of a Gloria worshipper I am. The silent screen star added clothing designer to her professions in the 50’s, designing under her label Forever Young which was a play on both her own indestructible looks and the desire of older women to look younger. The label was manufactured by the Puritan Dress company between 1951 and 1981.

The babe herself, Gloria

My little navy dream is a 1950’s original Gloria Swanson by Forever Young, complete with matching cropped jacket that snaps in at the waist with a bow. The beading in the neckline is to die for, and girl do I love a strong shoulder pad! Plus it’s perfectly lightweight for Melbourne summer, making this my new go-to outfit.





I am wearing…

Dress & Jacket – 1950’s Gloria Swanson by Forever New from Fabulous 40’s & 50’s (Vintage Garage, Collingwood)

Straw Boater – costume shop in Brisbane

Hosiery – Sheer Vintage Pins by Leona Edmiston

Shoes – 60’s mary-janes, thrifted in Richmond

I’m now going to take this day off to put pen to paper and organise the mess that is my headspace. I never make new years resolutions, but this year I feel like shit needs to happen! Top of my list are…

1. Give more time and love to this little corner of the internet! I’ve let my little blog go a bit, and I need to focus and not be so lazy/haphazard! I’ve got so many ideas, I just need to stop daydreaming about them and DO them!

2. Keep building Blue Moon Vintage Salon. You guys have no idea the amount of treasures I have just waiting to be listed! Again, it’s the lazy bug (and my complete inaptness with things computer/internet related).

3. Be the healthiest me I can be. Cut back on the booze, step up the gym and change back from vegetarian to vegan. This is the one I’m most scared of, I have ZERO willpower! Especially when it comes to the red wine!

4. Make more of an effort in keeping in touch with old friends

5. Learn French

6. Get out of the city as much as I can

7. Budget like a slave so I can save and travel by the end of the year! Aim: a white Christmas .

I guess we’ll see how I go! 4 days in and I haven’t swayed yet! Do you have any New Years resolutions?



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§ 5 Responses to Bringing In The New Year With Gloria

  • Christy says:

    It’s so funny reading about how hot it is in Melbourne, because it is completely freezing in this part of the US!

    The dress is really stunning on you, and I love when bloggers show off their “dream dresses.” I also wanted to mention that I’ve been stalking your shop for the past few days. Everything is exquisite, and I’m excited to see what else you list!

  • Bobbi Bobbed says:

    a thru z dorable


  • Rachael says:

    I only recently found your blog via Circa Vintage and I love it. I love how true to your image you are, but also that you mix it up a bit with other eras too. Glad to hear you’ll be posting more. That dress is absolutely stunning and suits you perfectly. Good luck with the resolutions.

  • ilovefilm85 says:

    Oh my gosh I did not know Swanson designed clothes! Amazing find, it is perfect on you so beautiful, fits like a glove. You have some good resolutions, I definitely need a holiday and want to start learning another language. xxx

  • harlowdarling says:

    Oh my goodness you are so gorgeous! I love your hair cut and that whole outfit is adorable! I found your blog through SKM’s blog and I’m so glad I did, I love your style and I love following other Australian blogs :D

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