A Splice Of The Seventies With Charlotte Hague

October 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

For a long time now I’ve been dying to introduce you all properly to my right hand woman and seventies dreamboat, Charlotte. Charlotte and I met a couple of years ago when I was working for Alannah Hill and her a few doors down at Gorman. Our keys got locked in each others stores, I eyed her off all day and after sharing some bevvies at the staff Christmas party that night (both our shops were owned by the same company) I decided this blonde bobbed, wooden jewellery wearing, English rose of a woman needed to be in my life.

One of the things I love about Charlotte is that she has such a distinct style and holds true to it in every aspect of her life. Much the same as I have with the 20’s, she has found her calling in a certain era and adds splashes of everything else to form this incredible 70’s meets 60’s meets modern concoction. I think our friendship is really special in the way that we have become so close yet have very different aesthetics. We both appreciate and love each other’s style (it’s great to go shopping together because we never fight!) and as much as I’d love to, I just couldn’t pull off a pair of flares like this babe does.

I went round to her darling little house in the leafy end of Carlton the other day to delve into her wardrobe, talk about Joanna Lumley and eat splices on the front lawn.

Charlotte: I have always been drawn to vintage fashions and always collected pieces from op-shops since I have had my own money to buy clothes. I tended to mix the old with the new but recently over the past few years have really been drawn more and more to the 1970’s.

I guess it started with my car, a 1971 creamy yellow V.W. Type 3. I got it around my 17th birthday and learnt to drive in it. I can’t drive modern cars now as I am too used to the heavy steering and I am now tied to it if I ever want to get anywhere. My dad and I painstakingly restored it to its original glory early last year. I can recollect one hazy memory of me being shut inside with an industrial heat gun melting glue onto the roof for the new headlining cloth to go on, getting woozy on the glue fumes as I listen to the faint shouts of Papa Hague from outside in the clean air “Not too much longer, Darling! Hang in there, it will be worth it.” and it was, the finished product (or maybe the glue induced trip) got me even more into the original look and feel of my little car’s 70’s style.

What came next was the hair. I totally copied Joanna Lumley’s hair cut from when she starred as Purdy in the “New avengers” I loved the sleek uniform of the bowl cut which was styled for Lumley by John Frida in 1976.

Twins much?

With the hair cut I became fixed on the clothes to go with it, flared pants, terry towelling dresses, platform shoes, bell sleeves, pointed collars and more lurex than one wardrobe should ever hold. Most of my pieces I have found on the internet, sites like eBay and Etsy have been a goldmine although I have found some beauties closer to home recently too, like my psychedelic floral maxi with the metal rings holding it together, now one of my treasured favourites, I found it at the Love Vintage fair earlier this month

I find the cuts and the style of the 70’s to fit me and my shape in the most flattering way than another clothes I have ever owned and I feel completely at home in a pair of high waisted bell bottoms any day of the week, although some of my ensembles like my exercise gear only come out on very rare occasions (photo-shoots).

what’s my secret?……

*husky whisper*…..splice

It’s not just the clothes though; the music of the era is something that I love above all. The first record I ever bought was T.Rex’s Electric Warrior that was released in 1971 and I can definitely say is one of my all-time favourite albums, I cannot get enough of Marc Bolan’s unique voice or amazing glam rock style. Disco has really struck a chord with me too, Dianna Ross, Donna Summers, Chic and Boney M are some favourites that I have been having a boogie to recently and the soul reason for me purchasing my glitter jumpsuit was because I heard a rumour that Boney M’s Liz Mitchell was coming out this year to play a concert.

Marc Bolan

I promised I wouldn’t use this photo as it is part of Charlotte’s Halloween costume (she’s going as a ‘space babe’) but it is just toooooo good!

I have decorated my room with dark wood, it’s not necessarily a 70’s thing but it does seem to fit in with my style, I made the headboard for my bed out of plywood, foam and some fabric my friend Nick gave me and I have a few terrariums that I made scattered around, one has a model of my car in there. I have a fair few wooden animal figurines that sit alongside my extensive David Attenborough collection, I guess when I get into something I really run with it.


I have always thought that it is important for people to surround themselves with beautiful things that lift their mood and brighten their everyday space, my housemate, Shantel is of the same opinion and together we have decorated our house with things that make us happy, it’s not all 70’s as we have different styles but we have meshed our belongings together and it seems to work well, things like Shantel’s 1960’s yellow vinyl lounge suit, my big stripy 1970’s table lamp, the ferns (That we keep forgetting to water) and small trinkets and keepsakes that have made our little share house a home.

Thankyou to Charlotte and Shantel for letting me creep around their house.

I am so lucky to have this gal in my life! Seriously guys, this babe is a keeper. I love that sometimes we look like the oddest couple, imagine Louise Brooks and Joanna Lumley got together over some San Pellegrino and a pack of Vogue ciggies and you get the idea. But somehow, it’s a little ‘splice’ of heaven*.

Charlotte & I


*sorry about all the ‘splice’ puns but I had to…

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